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USA Road Trips for 2020

Since travel within the US is the only (and best) option for many people this summer, I am collaborating with 61 other travel advisors and my business partner, Largay Travel Inc., and we're putting together a comprehensive travel database for EVERY SINGLE STATE. Our USA ROADTRIPS database is a collection of our own personal experiences, in-depth knowledge of specific states, local connections, amazing details, and insider tips -- most have never dreamed existed!

A lot of people are stir crazy right now, and they're not sure where to go or what to do. What are you interested in doing and seeing and experiencing this summer?

Here are some ideas to get you started: ➡️ How about traveling across America on a Luxury Rockstar Tour Bus with your own driver!

➡️ Want to glamp with the family at a National Park?

➡️ Spend time on a working western ranch.

➡️ Stay in a teepee, a treehouse, or a rustic cabin!

➡️ Cruise on USA Rivers (did you know that was possible?)

➡️ Relax in private villa/home on a beach resort (vetted, covid19 protocols)

➡️ Feel Zen-tastic at a NEW wellness property

From simple, self-drive road trips (close to home) to multi-state adventures, I can help put everything together for you and recommend places, experiences, and dining options you may never knew existed!

Let's design and make your USA dream vacation come true. Please contact me for more details: 5713380408 or


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