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Adrenaline Seekers: Adventure in New Zealand

Fellow Adrenaline Seekers! New Zealand is open and is filled with thrilling outdoor activities. One of my favorite experiences took place on NZ's South Island and was an absolute blast: Heli-hiking Franz Josef Glacier!

Planning a glacier heli-hike can be a little tricky since the weather has to be ideal for the helicopter to fly and land. The weather on NZ's west coast is ever changing and a glacier is constantly moving, so consider planning a flexible itinerary on South Island in case there's a last-minute weather cancellation.

From the Franz Josef Village base, we donned the waterproof outerwear that the guide provided, then hopped into a helicopter for a quick ride up to the glacier.

It was my first time sitting in the front next to the pilot and it was exciting and the views were amazing!

The ride was very smooth too. Once we arrived on the glacier, our guide provided us with crampons so we could walk on the glacier safely without slipping.

For the next 3+ hours, our guide carved out steps in the ice or paths for us to explore. We went into ice caves and tunnels where we'd have to slide to get to the exit, we walked between ice sculptures, and even tried glacier water from bright blue waterfalls and pools.

🍍 Wear base layers or clothing that you can peel off. Don't wear jeans. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, your camera, water bottle (to fill with glacier water!)

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