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Exploring the US by Luxury RV: a 5-Star Hotel on Wheels

Since travel within the US is the only (and best) option for many people this summer, have you thought about exploring America via Luxury RV?!

We have a travel partner who specializes in this type of travel. Think of it as staying in a 5-star hotel on wheels. These fully-furnished buses are equipped with beds for 2-8 guests, a full residential kitchen, washer/dryer, TVs, full bathroom, and a spacious salon for everyone to hang out. And when you park, the walls open up so you can take in your surroundings and there's an awning to provide you with shade.

We can create the itinerary for you and secure the activities, tours along the way. You just show up and enjoy your time together.

You have a choice of having a private driver or you can self-drive!

This is a fun, comfortable, and unique way to explore the US in 5-star style and privacy. It's also a flexible way to travel and exercise social distancing now.

If you you'd like more details, please contact 5713380408 or


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