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Rome if you want to: Visiting the Colosseum

Did you know that the Colosseum in Rome took 10 years to build? The oldest amphitheater in the world could seat up to 65,000 spectators. The movie, Gladiator, accurately depicted what the games were like.

There were more than 150 trap doors in the floor for animals - including lions, giraffes, bears, elephants, hippos - to surprise and fight the gladiators (prior to the battles, the animals were placed in dark rooms and were not fed for 3-4 days) About half a million people and 1M animals were killed during these Colosseum games.

During my private tour of Rome, my guide, Serena, provided me with skip-the-line admission (the current queue line was at least 90 min) and then guided me through the crowds so that I could learn about and see this massive arena made of limestone, concrete, and tile. Italy is my top selling destination. Is Italy on your wish list? Let's chat! Schedule a quick discovery call today


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