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19 Years Later

19 years later.

I can still remember that day vividly. Sunny. A Tuesday. A perfect, blue sky morning in the DC area. No signs of the looming darkness that would change our world. 20 of us crammed into an office, glued to the TV. Watching as the towers collapsed. Learning about the Pentagon. Weeping openly. Calling and e-mailing loved ones.

19 years later, I remember the victims who died.

19 years later, I recall the images, footage, video of the brave souls who responded that day and the days, weeks, months afterwards.

19 years later, I still think of Todd Beamer, a Dad of 2 young boys, his wife pregnant with their third. His last words: Let's Roll.

19 years later, I reflect on how Americans pulled together during our darkest time and helped each another.

19 years later, I remember how the rest of the world showed an outpouring of love and support for America.

Today, 19 years later, I'm sending love to those who lost loved ones and unlimited gratitude to the heroes.

❤️ Love more today, Friends. Tomorrow isn't promised.


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