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Tips for a Successful Flight with Kids

All the details have been finalized. The resort is gorgeous, full of activities for the whole family and you can’t wait to hit the beach for some fun in the sun. Or you have an itinerary packed with great tours such as scavenger hunt at the Louvre in Paris or following in the footsteps of Harry Potter in London. Yes, every hour is accounted for to keep the kids entertained on your family vacation.

But wait! You still have to get there. Teleportation technology is in its infancy and wildly expensive. Hyperloops may be on their way, but they aren’t here yet. That means figuring out how to keep the kids entertained on that long flight so you don’t spend the entire time avoiding the glares of the passengers around you.

Here are some handy tips from our travel (and child-rearing) experts to make your time in the sky more enjoyable for everyone :

  • Reward each hour of good behavior with a surprise toy or activity. It will help the kids mark the time and keep them focused. Much better than a few thousand, “Are we there yets?”

  • Magnetic checkers. The kids can play for hours, and the pieces won’t go flying everywhere. Magnetic hangman also does the trick.

  • Window clings. Aside from the sights of takeoff and landing, the window seat can be kind of boring. With window clings, kids can accessorize and make a mess to their hearts’ content.

  • Invisible ink coloring books. The kids are kept occupied with no ink or marker getting all over everything. Sounds like a win-win.

  • Educational apps. The battle over screen time is an epic one. On a plane, some rules have to fly out the window. But with educational apps, you reach a compromise where the kids have an iPad in their hands and you have some peace and quiet without the worry of turning their little minds to mush.

  • Snacks. This one’s probably a no-brainer, but those meal services and few and far between. Bring along plenty of dry, relatively mess-free snacks (your fellow travelers will thank you for opting for less-sugary items).

By the time you touch down, you’ll still be united as a family and ready to hit the ground running on a fabulous vacation.

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