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Beyond London: Visit to Bath UK

It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but what we do. ~Jane Austen

During a recent discovery call with a new client, I asked Elaine to expand on why she wanted to go to England. Beyond the London highlights, was there anything special that she'd like to do or see. She mentioned that she's an avid reader and that one of her favorite authors is Jane Austen. She wasn't sure if it was possible, but is there a way to visit the "true" English countryside to see what inspired Jane Austen.


After a few days in London, Elaine and her family will spend a few days in Jane Austen's city, Bath. With their private guide, they'll explore all the splendors of the city. I know Elaine and her daughter will immediately recognize the street names and squares from the novels! They'll have time to visit the Jane Austen Centre and also find a quaint cafe to experience a proper afternoon tea.

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