Introducing Camp Pineapple7: private luxury camp experiences

No Summer Camp? No Problem! Introducing Camp Pineapple7!

Summer camp: Kids and parents alike look forward to it all year. This year, after schools shifted to online learning and kids were at home as their parents to work and help with homework, the importance of summer camp grew. But depending on where you live, summer camp may or may not still be on. What is on is something even better: private luxury camp. After months at home, this concept combines the best of vacation, social distancing and the classic summer camp experience.

We’re excited to be able to offer private luxury camp experiences in the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean this summer, complete with exclusive amenities not available to the general public. We all know you could use it. Whether you want to spend the day working, just getting some peace and quiet for the first time in what seems like forever or even joining in, activities can be customized to your family’s interests. Standard packages offer a selection of preset activities, and with gold packages you can work with a camp director to design your own.

Packages are based on one-, two- or three-week sessions. For an additional fee—plus taking care of their travel, room and board—you can even have a dedicated and certified counselor accompany you on the trip and keep the kids occupied all day. There are options for the classic dude ranch experience out West with staples such as archery and canoeing during the day, with family dinner, games and campfires at night. There are options with a more tropical flare in Florida, Turks & Caicos, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Mexico. For those in the Northeast, there are options within a few hours’ driving distance of home. In each case, the camp experience goes hand-in-hand with a fantastic stay at a luxe resort. These are unlike the camping experiences we remember from our youths.

We have created exclusive opportunities for you to travel in comfortable settings that allow for social distancing: 🍍 private accommodations 🍍 private meals 🍍 private activities 🍍 dedicated, private counselor

You DO NOT need to be the Camp Counselor. The kids will be entertained with full days of play with their personal counselor, while you can relax with peace of mind or work remotely, if necessary.

The activities reflect the destination, with water-based activities for resorts along the coast, and hot air ballooning and ATV rides for the more open spaces. No matter what, it’s a great way to come together as a family somewhere other than the house you’ve been crammed into. If you’re looking for an escape this summer, you can still have a great one with the best of both worlds: family bonding and alone time.

Counselors are specifically trained for all age groups and tested for COVID-19 before meeting with you and your family, so whether you are looking for a virtual or in-person consultation, we have the perfect counselor to match with you to ensure every member of the family has the best time possible. They are also well equipped for groups if you’ll be traveling with extended family or close friends this summer. We’ve all had quite a year and could use a getaway. Fortunately, there’s one that the whole family can be ecstatic about.

✅ Whether you are looking to travel alone or with one or two close friends or family, we will tailor a customized program for every age group around everyone’s interests.

To learn more about Camp Pineapple7 and the different options available, please contact us at 5713380408 or e-mail

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