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It’s time to plan your travel for the holidays – and for 2023

We repeat it every year, but it’s important information. If you want to get away for the holidays or winter or spring break 2023, you need to start planning now. Travel has been very busy this year. People have been stir crazy for the past two years. This is the first year that many are feeling comfortable and safe to travel again. So in addition to those who are ready to travel once more, there are also those who are using their travel credits from 2020 and 2021 cancelled vacations. Several travel suppliers have mentioned that they simply do not have enough guides and drivers available to handle any more bookings for the summer and fall. It is truly like nothing we have seen before.

So this year, we urge you to start planning for the holidays and Winter-Spring-Summer 2023 if you haven’t already. This surge in travel has only gotten stronger now that the U.S. no longer requires a negative COVID test to enter the country. People are traveling at a record rate, and those who have found no space available for this summer are already making their plans for next year.

We know how strong the desire is to get back in touch with the rest of the world, especially if you have not yet had the chance to travel internationally since before March 2020. Wait too long, and you might for your top destinations all booked up for 2023 as well. As we’ve preached before, it’s smart from a logistics and financial standpoint to plan years’ worth of trips. Not only is it still a good idea, the way things are now, it’s the way to ensure you can go where you want when you want.

Even destinations that had stricter protocols – places such as New Zealand and Japan – are opening to leisure travelers, so the travel picture is becoming clearer for the foreseeable future. You can’t get every element of your trip in place so far out, but you and your advisor can at least have the discussion so as soon as reservations open you can spring into action. You want the vacation you’ve dreamed of. We want happy travelers. You probably don’t have the time to check when that hotel or cruise or tour starts taking bookings for next year and beyond. That’s why we’re here keeping track of those things for you! Together with our clients, we make a great team! Even though travel is a bit of a challenge these days, with the right plan we can continue delivering you trips of a lifetime.


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