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London is back and why you need to book now for 2022

In a typical year (remember those?) January is the busiest month for travel planning. Families get together over the holidays, talk about where they want to go and begin firming up plans for the next year. But if you’re waiting until January to start planning your 2022 spring break or summer vacation, you might very well find yourself out of luck.

Demand is high, and because space is limited, prices are going to go up. This is especially true for popular spring break destinations such as Mexico and the Caribbean and summer vacation spots such as Italy and France. We know how badly you could use a trip. The problem is, so could everyone else, too! Let’s start working on your plans as soon as possible so you don’t get stuck at home again.

The process for fulfilling the UK’s COVID requirements begin as quickly and easily as possible as soon as you step off the plane at Heathrow. Americans need to not only have a negative test taken within three days before travel but also one on or before their second day in the UK. This test needs to be booked before you arrive, and you can reserve a spot at a clinic right there in the airport to take it as soon as you land. The lab is located at the terminal. You will be notified by e-mail the next day.

Right now, masks are required on public transportation in London, but elsewhere, fully vaccinated visitors may go without one. Would you like to go on behind-the scenes tour of the Churchill War Rooms to include a private audience with Prince Edward? You'll even have the chance to sit behind the desk Winston Churchill sat in!

How about feeding cavalry horses, or see a special viewing of the Changing of the Guard with Guards Museum curator Andrew Wallis. Maybe you'd like to see Princess Diana’s dresses on display at Kensington Palace or go on a private street art class inspired by Banksy! Whatever your interests, we have local connections to provide access and elevate your trip experience.

London hotels are resplendent in their finery as well. The Savoy's new Royal Suite by Gucci is exquisitely appointed by the designed. Founder Guccio Gucci worked as a luggage porter at The Savoy in his youth, and a century later the fashion house he founded has made its mark on the venerable hotel. Just before lockdown, the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park debuted a renovation that you may now freely enjoy, along with a view of the guards and stables across the park -- it's a fabulous location! Another hotel makeover that you'll enjoy seeing: The Claridge! There are so many lodging options to consider. We can help you determine the right accommodations to meet your travel style and requirements

When you (re)visit London, you'll notice that everything looks brand new.

The world is slowly reopening and it's very exciting!


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