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Perfect Irish Coffee for St Patrick's Day

Fellow Coffee Lovers! St. Patrick's Day is this Wednesday, so it isn't too early to start the celebrations! If you’re looking for a liquid lift and a bit of cheer, a classic Irish coffee is tough to beat.

Irish Coffee was created on a wintry night in 1943, when a Pan Am “flying boat” en route to New York turned back to Foynes due to inclement weather. Joe Sheridan, a chef who worked at Foynes, was asked to prepare hot food and drinks for the freezing passengers. Hoping to revive them while warming them up, Sheridan added some good Irish whiskey into their coffees and topped it with cream. When asked by passengers if he had used Brazilian coffee, Sheridan replied, “No, it’s Irish coffee!”

Sean’s Bar in Ireland may be THE BEST place in the world to enjoy an Irish coffee... and it's certainly the oldest. The pub, located on the banks of the River Shannon in Athlone, halfway between Dublin and Galway, has a detailed and documented history dating back to 900 AD. The Guinness Book of World Records even made it official: Sean's Bar is the oldest pub in Europe - and no older pub has been found in the entire world!

Special Thanks to Declan Delaney of Sean's Bar and our friends at CIE Tours for sharing this recipe with us! Sláinte!

Sean's Bar Perfect Irish Coffee:

🍀A bottle of Sean’s Specially Blended Irish Whiskey

🍀Freshly Brewed Coffee

🍀Brown Sugar

🍀Double Whipped Cream

1. Heat your glass

2. Add a measure of Sean's Specially Blended Irish Whiskey

3. Add 1 tsp brown sugar

4. Pour in your freshly brewed coffee and fill 3/4 of the glass

5. Stir all ingredients together

6. Using a spoon, carefully float the lightly whipped cream on top of the coffee.

A few tips:

🍀Only use a premium blend of Irish Whiskey

🍀Ensure Coffee is strong

🍀Cream must be freshly whipped and not too thick. The cream must flow off the spoon!


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